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Study Noh theatre’s theory and practice in Venice

Nō theatre classes resume at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, Italy. Monique Arnaud, certified instructor of the Kongō School and INI senior member, will teach nō chant and dance in a series of five meetings organized by Gesshin, a student association led by Luca Domenico Artuso, who also trained with INI in 2018.

For info: gesshincafoscari@gmail.com

Lecture/demonstration + photo exhibition in Milan October 14 ~ 17

CRT Milan, AsiaTeatro and the International Noh Institute have organised a four-day event series in Milan, Italy from October 14th to October 17. The events include lectures on the origins, history and aesthetics of Noh, a photography exhibition Fabio Massimo Fioravanti‘s (running until November 1st), and afternoon demonstrations (15-16-17) by INI member and Kongo school certified instructor Monique Arnaud.

Detailed info on the program, times and prices here (in Italian).

Kongo-school certified instructor Monique Arnaud (Photo: Fabio Massimo Fioravanti)

Kongo-school certified instructor Monique Arnaud (Photo: Fabio Massimo Fioravanti)

La Via del Noh/The Way of Noh – evento + workshop


*English follows Italian*

Segnaliamo due eventi sul Noh a Roma a cui prendera’ parte Monique Arnaud, rappresentante di INI per l’Italia.
Sabato 21 marzo

ore 17:00-19:00

Presentazione del libro La Via del Noh Udaka Michishige: attore e scultore di maschere di Fabio Massimo Fioravanti, CasadeiLibri Editore. Intervengono Fabio Massimo Fioravanti (l’autore) e Monique Arnaud  (shite e shihan della scuola Kongō) Ingresso libero fino a esaurimento posti.

Domenica 22 marzo
ore 10:00-17:00
Workshop di teatro Noh – danza e canto, con Monique Arnaud.
Doozo Art Book & Sushi, via Palermo 51/53 Roma.
Tel 06-4815655

We would like to draw your attention on two Noh-related events in Rome, featuring INI representative Monique Arnaud.
Saturday 21 March


Book launch of the photo book The Way of Noh: Udaka Michishige, actor and mask carver by Fabio Massimo Fioravanti, CasadeiLibri press. Featuring Fabio Massimo Fioravanti (photographer) and Monique Arnaud  (Kongō school instructor) Free entry – while seats last

Sunday 22 March
Noh workshop – dance and chant, with Monique Arnaud.
Doozo Art Book & Sushi, via Palermo 51/53 Roma.
Tel 06-4815655

‘The Way of Noh’ photo book launch event in Rome

Italian photographer Fabio Massimo Fioravanti presents his photo book The Way of Noh – Udaka Michishige: Actor and Mask Carver on December 4th 2014 in Rome.

The book contains stage and backstage photographs of Kongō School Master-Actor Udaka Michishige, as well as of his Noh masks. The bilingual (Italian-English) book is already available in Italy and will soon be available on the international market, so stay tuned! The event will take place at the Spazio Ducrot gallery, in the heart of Rome, Via d’Ascanio 8/9 on December 4th (Thu) from 19:00, and will feature an exhibition of Fioravanti’s photographs, as well as a Noh mask demonstration by Kongō School certified instructor Monique Arnaud, who also serves as European Coordinator of the INI International Noh Institute. The INI is particularly active in Italy, where Arnaud is teaching Noh chant and dance on a regular basis. INI Italian members Cristina Picelli and Diego Pellecchia, who have now appeared a number of times on Japanese Noh stages, began their training with Arnaud in Milan. If you are in the area do not miss this chance to hear about Fioravanti’s experience with Noh photography, and to meet Noh instructor Monique Arnaud. Ciao!

Fabio Massimo Fioravanti. 'La Via del Noh - Udaka Michishige: Attore e Sculture di Maschere'

Noh conference, demonstration and workshop in Italy

Kongo-ryu Shihan Monique Arnaud

Kongo-ryu Shihan Monique Arnaud

Monique Arnaud and Cristina Picelli from the Italian branch of the International Noh Institute will join the Nipponbashi Festival in Treviso, Italy on Saturday 12th July. The event  features an open lecture on Noh theatre by Prof. Bonaventura Ruperti (Ca’ Foscari University – Venice) from 18:00 to 20:00, followed by a chant and dance from 21:30 to 22:30. This is a wonderful opportunity for those in the area to attend an introduction to Noh by Monique Arnaud (IUAV University – Venice), the only licensed Noh instructor currently resident in Europe.

On Sunday 13th from 10:00 to 18:00 visitors of the festival will be able to participate to a Noh theatre workshop. If you are interested in the participating contact nohitalia@gmail.com

Find the full program of the event here (Italian).

Workshop Treviso