Study Noh theatre’s theory and practice in Venice

Nō theatre classes resume at Ca’ Foscari University in Venice, Italy. Monique Arnaud, certified instructor of the Kongō School and INI senior member, will teach nō chant and dance in a series of five meetings organized by Gesshin, a student association led by Luca Domenico Artuso, who also trained with INI in 2018.

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1 thought on “Study Noh theatre’s theory and practice in Venice


    Dear sirs,
    As a theatre director,not an actress myself ii am looking forward to expand my knowledge in japanese trational theatre
    I am.interested in training in Noh theatre practices.
    Would you be kind enough to.provide me some infos about the institution and any upcomming workshops.
    Thank you in advance for your prompt attention and your early reply


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