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Kei’un-kai INI Gala Recital 2016

Kei’un-kai INI Gala Recital 2016 Celebrating Udaka Michishige’s 70th birthday

Place: Kongō Noh Theatre

Date: 21 August 2016 Time: from 09:00 until 17:00

Entrance Free of Charge

This year’s Kei’un-kai INI Gala Recital (21 August 2016 from 09:00) celebrates the 70th birthday of our teacher and leader, Kongō School Master-Actor Udaka Michishige. In the Sino-Japanese tradition, the 70th birthday is considered a special event, to be celebrated in style. Its name (古稀 koki), derives from a poem by Chinese literate Tufu (Toho, 杜甫, in Japanese): jinsei nanaju korai mare nari (人生七十古来稀なり), meaning that in those days it was rare to reach the age of seventy.

The event features various performances, including two full playsHagoromo and Sesshōsekinyotai variant; two maibayashi dance and chant excerpts with musical accompaniment,  Tomoe and Yamanba; as well as numerous chant and solo dance pieces. See the program below.

This year the INI will be represented by Senior Director Rebecca Teele Ogamo, singing in a rengin excerpt from the noh Hanjo, and Junior Director Diego Pellecchia, performing the shimai solo dance excerpt from the play Kurama Tengu. Pellecchia will also sing in various choruses for other performances. INI Summer Intensive Program 2016 participants Monica Alcantar, Regina Toon, and Lisa Swinbanks will also perform shimai dances.

Kei’un-kai INI Gala Recital 21st August 2016
Kongo Noh Theatre, Kyoto

Kami-uta (recitation of the ritual performance Okina)
Su-utai (solo chant of a full play): Shunkan
Rengin (chant excerpt): Hashi-Benkei
Shimai (dance excerpt with chant): Oimatsu; Yuya; Shōjō (performed by the INI 2016 Summer Program Participants)
Shimai: Atsumori (kuse); Kokaji (kiri); Tsurukame; Tsunemasa; Chikubushima; Yuki; Ashikari; Koma no Dan; Makura-jidō.
Maibayashi (dance excerpt with chant and music): Tomoe (Itō Yūki)
Bangai shimai (performed by professional actors): Tama no dan (Udaka Norishige); Tanikō (Udaka Tatsushige)
Noh: Hagoromo (Hirasawa Yumiko)
Maibayashi: Yamamba (Chiba Mariko)
Rengin: Hanjō

Bangai shimai: Kumasaka (Udaka Michishige)
Noh: Sesshōseki – Nyotai (Kurochiku Tokindo)
Shimai: Kurama Tengu; Izutsu; Yorobōshi; Uta-ura (kuse); Himuro; Hanagatami; Kayoi Komachi; Uta-ura (kiri); Aoinoue; Shokun.

Ending time: 17:00

Udaka 2015 Independence Day, and INI Gala Recital 2016

In the early hours of September 13th 2015 Udaka Michishige continued with putting the finishing touches on the Deigan mask he would use later that day in his performance of Teika, the center piece of the 16th Seirannoh-no-kai at the Kongo Noh Theatre: adding more color, polishing, pausing to check the effect once again. This was the latest effort in the search for the essence of the expression of the Deigan mask, in this case for the essence that would most effectively portrayal his interpretation of the spirit of Princess Shokushi Naishinno. As always the process was continuing until the last possible moment.

His thoughts at this time as he kept on with this search included welcoming the 45th observance of his independence as a Noh actor and also his wishes for INI members. “Independence” can mean embarking on a lonely road and uncompromising battle of seeking the essence of your art. Michishige continues to be his own harshest critic and taskmaster, but he also treasures and finds strength in fellow travellers on the path. He hopes that you, too, as his fellow travellers are keeping to your path of seeking the highest essence in your endeavours.

Michishige also looks forward to sharing in training and performing Noh with as many of you as possible in the Gala Noh Recital at the Kongo Noh Theatre on August 21, 2016. More details will be coming soon, but please put the date down on your calendar and get in touch with us with any questions. As always at INI will do what we can to facilitate your participation.

In closing, the performance of Teika was very well received. Here are a few photos from the performance though they are hardly a substitute for the experience of the performance itself.

Rebecca Teele Ogamo

The 16th Udaka Seiran Noh – Teika and Aoinoue 13 September 2015

This year’s Udaka Seiran Noh will feature the Noh plays Teika and Aoi-no-ue.

In the Noh Teika, performed by INI founder Udaka Michishige, a Priest is led to a vine-covered grave by a Woman he meets when sheltering from a passing autumn shower. It is the grave of poet Shokushi Naishinno, third daughter of Emperor Go-Shirakawa and the vines are called “Teika-kazura” after the poet Fujiwara no Teika. The story of their romance and  lingering attachment unfolds as the Woman reveals that she is the ghost of Shokushi Naishinno. Teika belongs to a group of Noh plays that only very experienced plays are allowed to perform, hence this is going to be a very rare opportunity for those in the Kansai area to come see the play, which is going to be staged with the added special variations sode-kagura and shinto.

Aoinoue, performed by Michishige’s younger son, Norishige, is based on an episode from the Tale of Genji, the 11th century masterpiece by Murasaki Shikibu. The main character is not Lady Aoi, the wife of Prince Genji, but Lady Rokujo, the most intriguing female character in the novel. Once Genji’s lover but now abandoned by him and filled with resentment towards his wife after a humiliating incident at the Kamo Festival where her coach was forced out of its viewing spot by Lady Aoi’s retainers, Lady Rokujō’s living spirit torments her rival. A shamaness is sent to discover the source of the possession of Lady Aoi and then an exorcism is performed by the priest Kohijiri, finally bringing Rokujo to her senses by calling on the power of the Buddhist sutras.

The 16th Udaka Seiran Noh

Kongo Noh Theatre 1:00~5:00 p.m. (doors open at 12:30p.m.)

Noh: Teika Sodekagura rokudo  Shite: UDAKA Michsihige

Kyogen: “KAMABARA”   Shite: SHIGEYAMA Shime


Noh: “AOINOUE”  Shite: UDAKA Norishige


Center Reserved Seats 8,000 yen
Side Reserved Seats 6,000 yen
General Admission Mid-center Seats 5,000 yen
Student, General Admission Mid-center Seats 3,000 yen

Synopses of the plays will be available at the theater in English, French, German, and Italian.
The Udaka Office
(For questions or reservations.)
TEL: +81 (075) 701-1055
FAX :+81 (075) 701-1058
In English:  Email: ogamo-tr@mbox.kyoto-inet.or.jp