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Happy New Year! 2017

Dear INI members and supporters, Happy New Year! 明けましておめでとうございます!

2016 has been a pretty intense year for all of us. Many more challenges are awaiting in 2017 and we are ready to meet them with enthusiasm and determination!

Here is a photo of Udaka-sensei’s Okina-kazari: ritual decorations and offerings, displayed along with objects related to Okina. Hanging above the altar you see Udaka-sensei’s latest Hakushiki-jo, the mask used for the role of Okina. (There will be a free performance of Okina at Yasaka Shrine on January 3 from 09:00am, followed by Utai-zome – chant and dance performance at the Kongo Noh Theatre from 12:00)

We hope to see you all soon – we will post information on the 2017 Summer Intensive Training in the next few days, so keep an eye on that. How exciting!

Again Happy New Year – all best wishes for a great 2017!


Happy New Year!

2016 – the year of the Monkey – is here and it is time to celebrate (Noh style) at the INI headquarters in Kyoto. 

The chōken dance cloak with the golden phoenix design used in the Noh Hagoromo, and the Okina kazari doll and decoration are on display. After performing at the Yasaka Shinto shrine, Kongo school actors will perform celebratory pieces at the Kongo Noh theatre this aftenoon. 

We will be there!


[FREE] New Year performances in Kyoto

Happy New Year from the International Noh Institute!

Two events free of charge will be held in Kyoto as part of the new year celebrations tomorrow January 3rd 2015.

The day will start off with the ritual performance Okina at Yasaka-Jinja from 09:00, featuring will the Iemoto Kongō Hisanori and other members of the Kongō school. Later from 12:00 the ritual recitation of Okina, followed by shimai and maibayashi dance excerpts will be performed at the Kongō Noh Theatre.