INI intensive workshop with Theatre MITU

Last days of summer in Kyoto! Time to look back at what we have done during the summer. One of the highlights has been an intensive 2-day workshop with New York-based collective Theatre Mitu. The workshop took place in June 2015, at Iori Machiya, in Kyoto. Theatre Mitu periodically organises intensive ‘summer camps’ aimed at exploring non-Western traditions. Participants are both Mitu’s resident artists and also university students – I found this a particularly interesting formula, in which old-timers and perspective professionals can learn from each other.

Michael Littig, one of Theater Mitu’s Japan Artist Intensive programme members, sent us a kind message: “I thought Tatsushige-san was a very direct, clear, and well informed teacher.  I found his enthusiasm to be contagious, and I would highly recommend him to any artist who is interested in exploring Japanese Noh.”

We look forward to meeting Theatre Mitu’s again soon!

DSCF1775 DSCF1781

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