Pictures from the Noh workshop at Iori Machiya

On Friday 20th November 2014 the INI held a Noh workshop for a group of twelve American visitors led by Bob Stigler, co-president of the Washington-based educational organisation New Stories. It has been a memorable day because Bob and Michishige first met some 40 years ago in Kyoto, but have not seen each other ever since. It has been particularly enjoyable to listen them sharing memories of the old days in Kyoto, and impress each other with their achievements! Udaka Michishige lead the workshop along with his sons Tatsushige and Norishige. Diego Pellecchia has helped interpreting for the participants and Elaine Czech took pictures. The workshop took place at Iori, a luxurious Kyoto-style machiya (traditional townhouse) we use regularly for our event.

As you can see in the photographs, Tatsushige and his father showed and explained the features of a number Michishige’s Noh masks. Speaking of masks, The Udaka Men-no-kai exhibition is coming up soon: don’t miss the chance to see some of these masks live if you are in Kyoto on on 28-29-30 November! Participants could also admire (and try on!) precious Noh costumes, as well as experience basic Noh movement techniques. Bob’s group has been a lovely audience – thank you so much! Everyone expressed much gratitude to Udaka Michishige and to the INI, and some participants decided to stay longer in Kyoto in order to see the Kongo school monthly performance coming up this Sunday 23rd at the Kongo Noh theatre, featuring the Noh Ikkaku sennin (‘The One-Horned Hermit’ which you can see in the picture below!).

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