Pictures from the INI Noh mask carving/painting hands-on session – July 2014

On July 20th 2014 Udaka Michishige’s Noh mask carving atelier opened its doors to Kyoto residents and exchange students from Japan, Lebanon, France, China, Thailand, and Italy who wished to explore the world of Noh masks. Participants were able manipulate the fragrant hinoki wood, and tools such as saws and chisels, and try their best in the first stages of the carving process. Later they were introduced to the basics of painting, such as application of gofun shell powder and natural pigments. Udaka Michishige explained how the wood is cut respecting the way the tree grows, and provided insights on mask techniques from the point of view of the expert Noh actor, as well as mask carver.

It’s a been a lovely Sunday morning and we look forward to welcoming other participants in the near future!


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