Study Noh with the INI

Study Noh with the INI

Since 1984, the International Noh Institute shares the traditions of Noh by offering high caliber training tailored to individual needs, opportunities to take part in unique performance projects, and information on all aspects of Noh. The INI offers training in chant, dance with Udaka Tatsushige and Norishige, in Kyoto, Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, and Matsuyama (Ehime pref.) and mask carving with Udaka Keiko in Kyoto and Tokyo. The INI also offers introductory chant and dance lessons in Milan, Italy with resident instructor Monique Arnaud (see below).

Study in Japan (dance/chant and mask carving)

If you live in Japan, or you are planning a visit, you are welcome to come and observe one of our training sessions. Learn more about schedules and lesson fees for chant and dance or mask carving.

Study in Italy (dance/chant)

INI members in the world facilitate contact with the INI Kyoto, and provide information on how to start practicing Noh chant and dance.