About us

The International Noh Institute(国際能楽研究会)offers training in Noh chant (utai), dance and mimetic movement (shimai), and mask carving with UDAKA Michishige, Master-actor of the Kongo School of Noh and master Noh mask carver. INI was founded in 1986 in response to the urging of Michishige’s international students and participants of intensive courses. Since then, Michishige has taught students from all walks of life: actors, dancers, designers, mask makers, musicians, psychologists and scholars, from all over the world through INI programs. Currently, Michishige is guiding the Noh studies of students in and from Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, New Zealand, Thailand, Spain, and the United States. Michishige has trained three foreigners licensed as Noh instructors (shihan), Rebecca Teele Ogamo (the first foreigner to become a Noh Association member), John McAteer, and Monique Arnaud. They teach and promote Noh through INI as they also continue with their own training.

The voice and movement of Noh and the unique world encompassing spirits of ladies and warriors, gods, goddesses, plants, and demons are introduced through a unique curriculum developed by Michishige. This curriculum combines meditation along with vocal and physical exercises to prepare students thoroughly for experiencing the essence of Noh. Lessons emphasize traditional values, including the language and manners that express the relationships between master and student and between fellow students, values that constitute the discipline of Noh. All students, amateur or professional, are taught with the same exacting discipline. In addition to offering on-going Noh training and support for students – training and support sensitive to individual students’ needs – INI offers information on all aspects of Noh to enhance understanding and accessibility.